Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Finally Happened - "War on Violence"

I guess we knew it would happen someday. Some gung-ho, get-tough-on-crime policy maker trying to make a name for themselves would declare "War on Violence". Well, your patience has been rewarded! reports that a Republican candidate for Governor of NJ has issued that following statement:
We need a governor who understands that we need to get violent criminals with handguns off our streets. We have a lot more to do to fight violent crime. Anyone who travels with any frequency around this state knows we need to do much more.
OK, so Mr. Christie didn't actually use the term "War on Violence" - that was the journalist's (a.k.a, EDITOR) choice of words. But now it's out there, and I'm going to be watching for other occurrences. The irony of the phrase may catch the eye of discerning readers/listeners and help people see the need for a shift in understanding. We'll see!

Let us know if you find other references to "War on Violence".


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