Monday, April 19, 2010

Department of Peace Act Makes the Top Ten!

... list of Most Hopeless Bills on According to the author, Kristin Conyer:

"During 2007 and 2008, 11,077 bills were introduced in Congress, while just 460 were signed into law. That means for every new law that session there were 23 bills that didn't make it out of Congress. To be fair, some of those bills were resolutions congratulating sports teams that wouldn't have gone to the president or bills introduced just to make a point. Still, some of those unenacted bills stand out for their sheer hopelessness."

Perhaps I'm more than a little biased, but I don't think I would use the term "hopeless" to describe the DOP idea. Instead, I think I would go with "inevitable". What would you say?


  1. I would agree with and thank you for this response. Ana Campos

  2. As with many issues facing our country, learning more about it and becoming educated about the details is enlightening. The concept of a Department of Peace is not only inevitable, it's our only sustainable option, in addition to being essential to economic recovery.

    I must say that I'm impressed with Ms. Coyner's tenacity if she actually reviewed all 11077 bills to make this assessment.

    And to quote a dear friend, hope is the emotion of the courageous. It's far easier to deem something hopeless than to have the courage to get behind something that's right, even if it is a challenge.

    I invite Ms. Coyner to learn more about this legislation, the practical strategic approach to peacebuilding and the movement behind it. I submit that peace is the issue of our time, and the time has come.

  3. "inevitable" works for me!